Meet the Team: Imogen Whiteley

Imogen, 3rd year Classics, Photo and Illustration Editor

Who are you?
My name is Immy and I’m in my third year, studying Classics. I like art and being late to [qmunicate] meetings.

What is you role on the team? What do you do?
I’m the Photography and Illustration Editor, so I will be trying to make [qmunicate] as beautiful as possible with all your artwork! I will post in our Facebook group when we need images to make sure that everyone can get a chance to contribute, but also I would really like to get to know all your individual styles well enough to be able to match the image needed to the right artist.

What is your favourite thing about Glasgow?
My favourite thing about Glasgow is how walkable the city is. I love wandering around and finding new places I’d never have noticed if I had to be on a bus all the time to get around.

How did you get involved with [qmunicate]?
My flatmate last year was involved and brought me to my first couple of meetings, but I enjoyed them so much I started coming on my own

What is your advice to someone wanting to get involved?
Come along and sit in the back for a couple of meetings! We’re all really friendly and there is no obligation to write something just because you attend a meeting. I’d also really recommend coming to Jim’s bar for drinks with us afterwards – I found it much easier to speak up in meetings once I knew the editors a little bit. We (hopefully) are not scary or unapproachable and we are looking forward to meeting new contributors.

What do you look for in terms of ‘photo and illustration’?
I’m really excited to get to see what contributors come up with but I’m not looking for any specific style. I also really want the photo and illustration section of [qmunicate] to be a place to explore new styles and influences without too much pressure, so don’t be worried about submitting if you’re not very experienced or haven’t picked up a camera in years. Also, I’d love to provide a platform for the great artistic talent among qmunicate’s contributors. If you’ve got a piece, whether it’s sculpture, painting or photo essay, that doesn’t fit with a specific article, please let me know! I’d Iove to find somewhere to publish it.

What’s your favourite thing about art and design in Glasgow?
I love Glasgow’s art scene and how full of life it is. It’s easy to find little pockets of people with different interests and there’s always something new to see.

[Image Credits: Aike Jansen]

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