Album Review: Too Many T’s – ‘South City’

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Leon Rhymes and Ross Standaloft are keen to distance themselves from traditional hip-hop themes like murder and social injustice, and opt instead to have, according to their interview in The Huffington Post, “natural banter”. Sadly, this effort for effortless wit fails to come across in their debut album. Skits are very difficult to pull off, and I have only ever encountered Kanye West’s Higher Education trilogy skits garnering any attention (“How many cars do we own? None, Sir!”). Regarding ‘Sira’s Biscuits (Skit)’, I get that it was satirising completely random events, but if people don’t recall their own experiences buying Digestives in Tesco, I doubt this skit will remain memorable.

Their ability to rap and rhyme expeditiously ends up being their downfall, with the jokes taking too much concentration to decipher to be worth the reward. I assume that they relied completely on what they had to say, rather than how they said it, because most beats here have nothing to offer, except maybe a desire to skip to their somewhat-decent track, ‘Neighbours’, having slowed down the vocals, as well as focusing more on simple rock instrumentation, proving that quality is indeed better than quantity.

[Conor O’Hare]

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