Album Review: Cut Copy – ‘Haiku From Zero’

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Of all the lessons that my grandma taught me, the one that stuck was her advice on fashion -“Never throw anything that you wear away, it will always be in style again in twenty years!”.

Cue Cut Copy. The constant theme throughout their discography has always seemed to involve heavy synths and an even heavier bass line that would be more than comfortable fitting into the score of an eighties teen movie. Their new album Haiku From Zero sits well within this body of work, mixing together both sound and ethereal lyricism. The beginning track ‘Standing in the Middle of the Field’ reminds us that sometimes “You’ve gotta give up the things you love to make it better/ Holding on but holding on is hurt.” Stories of love and loss, romance and despair are weaved throughout.

This record also seems to understand its place both temporally and musically. Cut Copy isn’t trying to make a summer album with carefree, breezy sounds, but rather one meant as the warm sunsets slowly turn into cold nights. Yet, in a year dominated by stand-out albums from across all genres, their tracklist can bleed into the background, with songs often sounding too alike.

There is a charm to this album, though. Listening to it in its entirety is to musically live through the thrilling experience of a house party slowly come to its inevitable end. Although you may enjoy the drunken euphoria of the night, there is always the possibility that you will not be going home with the one that you love.

[Bryce Armijo – @snarrly_]

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