A Cinema Lover’s Guide to Glasgow

Glasgow is an amazing city for film lovers of all persuasions. We’ve collated a few highlights of the city’s stellar cinema scene.

Cineworld Renfrew Street:

A mainstay of the Glasgow skyline is the Renfrew Street Cineworld, which stands at 62 meters tall and has held the title of world’s tallest cinema since its opening in September 2001. The building won Prospect magazine’s “Carbuncle of the Year” award for its controversial design, on the basis that the structure seemed “designed to appeal to the colour-blind”. Regardless of your tolerance for copious amounts of beige cladding, the building is a Mecca for mainstream cinema lovers. The multiplex features 18 screens, and has recently undergone renovation to include an enormous Super Screen auditorium. To take the edge off ticket prices, Cineworld does offer discounted tickets for students alongside access to unlimited films for a monthly fee of £17.90. If Renfrew Street’s enlarged Super Screen still sounds like small potatoes, Glasgow is also home to the nation’s largest cinema screen (with ticket prices to match) in the Cineworld IMAX adjacent to the Science Centre, down by the Clyde waterfront.

Screening times here: https://www.cineworld.co.uk/cinemas/glasgow-renfrew-street

The Glasgow Film Theatre:

For those fond of a more intimate viewing experience, or seeking out the world and independent cinema fare not on offer elsewhere, the Glasgow Film Theatre is a godsend. Tucked away just off Sauchiehall Street, the GFT is warm, welcoming, and home to a wide range of exclusive first screenings as well as re-screenings of cinema classics. The building itself is worth a visit for purely for its ambience alone, as it stands as a well-preserved monument to the city’s cinematic past. The cinema also hosts a wide variety of film festivals throughout the year, such as the 48 Hour Film Project in October (more info available here). The GFT offers a discount card to all customers aged 15-25 (available here).

Screening times here.

The Grosvenor Cinema:

For those not looking to stray far from the West End, or for whom the thought of sticking a toe beyond Byres Road makes them comically spray-spit their IPA, then the Grosvenor cinema on Ashton Lane is the place to go. A cosy blend of restaurant and cinema, the Grosvenor is perfect for dinner-and-a-film nights out in the West End. Screenings usually consist of mainstream fare, with the occasional kid’s film, blockbuster or classic re-run on offer to appease all audiences.

Screening times here.

The CCA:

Just two streets down from the GFT sits the Centre for Contemporary Arts, a venue for everything across the blurred spectrum of visual art, performance and film. The building itself has been an integral piece of Glasgow’s counter-culture for decades – previously home to the avant garde Third Eye Centre. Now branded the CCA, the building hosts film festivals and one off screenings from international and homegrown artists all year round, such as the Scottish Queer International Film Festival and the Glasgow Short Film Festival.

Screening times here.

QMU film screenings:

If you love good films and having a bank balance in the positive digits then the QMU has the thing for you. The Union hosts free film screenings fortnightly at 6pm in Jim’s bar, with films ranging in everything from horror to Bollywood.

The QMU will also be hosting the Exposure Short Film Festival on the 20th of January 2018. Now entering its 3rd year, the festival is an excellent opportunity for film lovers on both sides of the screen to share their passion. Screenings will include short films across a wide variety of genres and mediums, including animation, International and NSFW. As a bonus, entry is free, and audiences will have a chance to meet and mingle with the filmmakers whose works they have viewed. The festival is open for submissions until the 31st of October, so any keen filmmakers still have time to submit their work for screening.

More information on the Exposure Short Film Festival is available here.

[Ronan Duff – @DonanRuff]

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