Nowhere (1997) review – in association with the Scottish Queer International Film Festival

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[Nowhere has a content warning of graphic violence, sexual violence and suicide.]

Screening at the CCA as part of Scottish Queer International Film Festival, Gregg Araki’s 1997 feature Nowhere depicts a bisexual identity on screen via vibrant visuals, disorientating editing and an eclectic group of friends all exploring their sexuality whilst at college. Nowhere is the concluding film of Araki’s ‘Teenage Apocalypse Trilogy’ in which all three films are witness to teenagers experiencing their adolescent problems which can be magnified to be apocalyptic issues.
The film is focused primarily on Dark (James Duval) who is struggling with his ever-changing romantic status with bisexual polyamorous Mel (Rachel True), and his feelings towards his gay classmate Montgomery (Nathan Bexton). Centred around the events of a single day the characters are seen partaking in a spree of kinky sex, drugs and alien abductions, all of which has been explored before we, and the characters, reach the main event of the evening – Jujyfruit’s wild party. After arriving at Jujyfruit’s, Dark and Mel argue over their relationship whilst their friends, pushed to the background, deal with their own issues.
Araki, surprisingly enough, chose to end this surreal feature on a scene of Montgomery’s body exploding to reveal a cockroach-like alien with the final words of the film being ‘I’m outta here’, which reflected my own feelings whilst leaving the cinema. Araki placed a variety of themes within this feature, which is described as a ‘Beverly Hills 90210 episode on acid’, with the unfortunate effect of potentially leaving you feeling a little unsure of what you just watched. Teen angst, sex, suicide and a plethora of celebrity cameos make up a large part of the film. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s definitely a memorable experience.

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