EP Review: Phutureprimitive – ‘Flow’

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Phutureprimitive’s latest EP Flow is every bit as stunning as you’d expect from an electronic talent such as San Francisco-based artist Rain. Featuring five songs that each stand out in their own right, his most recent work is satisfying from start to finish.

Opening track ‘Boundless’ possesses a mysterious element that piques your curiosity, making it well-placed as it eases fans into the next twenty five minutes. If listeners aren’t already hooked by this point though, ‘Flow’ seals the deal with a delightfully upbeat melody before ‘Lifeline’ introduces a surprise twist in the form of vocals provided by long-time collaborator Alyssa Palmer, as well as tablas drumming; it’s just unfortunate really that the latter’s verses and lyrics are ever-so slightly reminiscent of both Ruby Rose’s ‘Guilty Pleasure’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘Trouble’. Still, this is quickly forgotten when confronted with the smooth and powerful resonating bass in ‘Distorted Reality’ and the use of Tuvan throat singing in finale ‘Samskara (Portal 1)’ – the gradual building up to an entrancing rhythm in this last track makes for a solid finish indeed.

Put simply, Flow is an EP that consists of light ambient sounds and vocals that melt into heavy beats, creating an atmosphere that’s somewhat surreal; there is an attention to detail in Phutureprimitive’s work that gives each song several layers of intricacies, yet the production itself is seemingly effortless in its execution.

It’s hardly surprising either that one should experience this kind of music as deeply moving when it originates from a spiritual personality like Rain. Phutureprimitive is a master of his craft who hasn’t lost his touch – a unique fusion of the futuristic and the tribal continues to offer a beautifully hypnotic quality that’s nothing short of addictive.

[Anni Payne]

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