QMU Autumn By-election 2017: Hustings Liveblog

Welcome to tonight’s hustings liveblog! There will be 6 seats available at Thursday’s election: three Current Student Representative (CSR) A (12 months), two CSR B (6 months), and one Former Student Member (FSM). They’ll be grilled by the audience in Jim’s on their manifestos (amongst other questions). We’ll start just after 6, so stay tuned!

20:27: And that’s us! If you have stuck with us, thank you – if you’ve only just joined, we hope this gives you a good idea of what went down. Remember to vote this Thursday (12th), between 9am and 5pm. You’ll be able to vote online through MyCampus – so you don’t even have to leave your pit of hungover misery.

Thanks for sticking with us! See you next time!

xoxo Gossip Pubs

20:17: What was your CSR manifesto when you ran?

JT: My CSR manifesto was based heavily on social committee as I had been involved – I wanted to expand the live music element. I helped out with open mic night and doing some tech for this. I didn’t introduce new events but I helped out where I could.

What’s your favourite part of the QM?

JT: They’ve just started stocking my favourite whisky liquor!

What life member events would you like to see in the QMU?

JT: I’d like to see reunions – people who left one year, two years ago – to get people back, as this would bring money in too.

Is there any scope to change the FSM role description?

JT: The VP MCS was in charge with life members when I was on board, and the FSM would assist in that, so it’s a balancing act between both board members. Una (VP MCS) has access to official life members; I have personal access to members I know.

If you have unlimited money to spend on the QM, what would you spend it on and why?

JT: I’d get around the Boyd Orr being a listed building… !

Why is your focus on making students’ CVs look better? Is that more important than the QM itself?

JT: It isn’t for everyone, it just happens that this is my particular focus.

Do you think life membership is important? Why?

JT: It helps people who still want to be involved in the union to reconnect with it. It makes them feel like they can be.

20:07: And now for our last candidate, for FSM!

JT: I was on board two and a half, three years ago. I gained skills in policy and constitution, which has helped me after university. I’m still in Glasgow so would bring a link between the union and other members. I just want to still be helpful!

Question for HV: You are banking on the sanitary products in your manifesto?

HV: Other candidates want to do stuff we already do but my project is soemthing that we don’t already do and I think it’s important for us as a union and for all students.

Question for HC: Where would you distribute free sanitary products?

HV: In the individual toilet cubicles, by the sinks and in the condom booth.

Question for LC: How would you make qudos more comfortable for daytime events and film screenings?

LC: Turn the heating on and buy beanbags and comfy chairs for the room. Utilise lighting that we have in the union.

20:01: What do you like the most about the QMU?

LC: I first got involved with the QMU through society involvement – the facilities are great to rehearse, meet in.

RC: I love coming to events here and the cheap booze. QM, woo!

HV: The diversity of events, from slam poetry to Diwali night. There’s events for everyone.

19:59: How would you address the divide between the two unions?

LC: Important to keep rivalry going but the GUU do great things – joint events, for example, like freshers’ helpers pre and post parties.

RC: I found in freshers’ week that we worked together and that wasn’t a problem. We can capitalise on our differences but still work together.

HV: We’d rather have two unions than just one [OH I’D RATHER HAVE TWO UNIONS, RATHER HAVE TWO UNIONS THAN JUST ONE]… the unions have their own identities and are different. There’s nothing wrong with already friendly rivalry.

19:57: If you had unlimited money to spend what would you buy and why

LC: More space – we have great spaces already but more space would be great to fill with more stuff. More investment in people – bands, for example.

RC: New microphones! I would like to get bigger names in the union as I love live music. That aside, I’d build a swimming pool with Justin Timberlake to perform topless in, every night.

HV: Tampons for everyone!

19:51: What do we not do well, what would you do to change?

LC: PR. We try but we need to make it a massive thing – SPECTRVM PR just didn’t hit the mark.

RC: Part of the problem is barking up the wrong tree – we try to be a club with great competition, yet we have a history of music. We’re not appealing to our identity by not appealing to this.

HV: Sanitary products! There’s no NHS initiative yet we should do this.

19:49: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

LC: Teleportation – three minute walk to the QM? You could do stuff in that time. Would save a lot of time.

RC: A massive tongue to clear up spilled drinks. Spillage is lickage.

HV: Conjuring – more resources for the QM!

19:48: If you could be one bad man or woman from history, who would it be?

LC: Grigori Rasputin.

RC: Vlad the Impaler.

HV: Rosa Parks was villainised at the time but is not really a villain at all.

19:45: LC: Wants to get the QMU active in the day time, and is open to chat over a drink or casually. Open up Qudos in the day time, possibly films or quizzes, as an alternative to sitting in Cafe 22. Keen to implement other ideas too.

RC: Was involved in freshers’ helping and loved it as a live music venue historically. Advocates small-scale live music sessions – has written the proposal for such – and wants more international societies involved. Has links with societies already; is VP of Maltese Society. Wants to create a friendlier atmosphere in Champs.

HV: Got involved as a freshers’ helper – learned a lot about the union, including the condom booth. Wants to better promote this around campus. Also wants to introduce free sanitary products in the same way. More regular content on QMU Snapchat – great to promote events throughout year.

19:40: …and we’re back! Mata has called the candidates for CSR B to the stage.

19:16: Aaaaand we’re having a break! Stay tuned for the CSR B candidates and FSM.

Question for CA: You want to have more GNs in your manifesto. How and why? They would need to be on first floor, just opposite Qudos (currently Mens?) GUU, Lib and Medical Building are just as you enter – having them out of the way suggests like it’s difficult, would make us more accepting and accessible to have them on ground.

Question for PAR:  What did you do in your six weeks on board? I got elected in a by election just before end of term so have been involved in lots of funs stuff. Have re-listed 5,500 songs in karaoke and made a list of all the things I would like to change and work on.

Question for MS: Do you think your policies are hard hitting enough given the state of the QM? Music Bingo will bring in people and pin boards help with PR and communication.

Question for CA:  What kind of music would you like to get played? FLUX is too niche and SPECTRVM is too mainstream. Maybe an indie night or something in between.

Question for AK: For get home safe system how do you ensure volunteers safety? Use board members or freshers helpers, perhaps use a volunteer system?

Question for CA: On your PR you have a joke about trigger warnings – why? That was a serious question, why do you think its a joke? I don’t remember putting it on my election PR? I’m going to have to plead the fifth on that one as I don’t remember putting it up.

[Editor’s note: CA approached us following this to clarify that she takes trigger warnings seriously, and the phrase has since been removed from her PR]

19:06: We’re now moving on to individual questions.

19:02: What superpower would help in this building?

PAR: Teleporting! Saves time in lift and in porter’s box.

AK: The ability to up my game!

MS: Flight, so I can shout to people from above, or transporting people – lift them up, drop them here.

CA: Mind control – if me and MS are on board we can use our powers to get people to come.

18:59: What Holly- or Bollywood film are you?

[Missed CA’s response]

MS: Love Actually – I’m a trashy white girl!

AK: I’ll say a Bollywood movie because you won’t know!

PAR: Elf! People think I’m a happy person like Buddy the Elf.


Question from Nikola: All talked about PR, what would you do to make it more consistent and how would you make it appeal to first years?

PAR: Wants to make a consistent list of PR to know where you can put PR and keep it outside the building too.

AK: Much the same as PAR.

MS: Make PR a lot more plain and simple. Black and white.

CA: Put more posters up in Murano. Get the first years in early. When in first year don’t know much about QM, knew about the GUU.

18:51: What would make you a good board member?

PAR: I’m really enthusiastic and whenever someone asks to do something I offer. Being around the building to set up and down.

AK: LOVES the Boyd Orr. Is eager to learn new things and eager to be involved.

MS: Is open and approachable – good to work with, really hardworking.

CA: Also hardworking; would bring home students in, better integrate. Neither union does anything at the moment, we should lead.

18:47: Question from Fraser: What have you already done to improve the QM?

CA: Just got involved with the QM this year. Was a helper this year and spends a lot of money here and go to events. Would like to be on board to do a bit more in the QM.

MS: As a fresher was not involved with anything and want to get involved. Has brought herself and her humbleness to the QM.

AK: Has told other people outside the QM about events and promoted events off her own back.

PAR: Already been on board. Started going to committees this time last year. Involved in Social Committee.

18:43: From Priya (President) – What do you think is the biggest problem with the QM; what can you do to change that while on board?

PAR: The image of the QM. Some people have a bad image in their mind; will take a long time to change. Enthusiasm, knowledge of what’s going on – people will follow their friends.

AK: Finance. Tap into positive image of QM – most accepting union, came to events here and felt welcomed and it was diverse. This can bring in more money by making sure everyone has access to these events.

18:41 What’s your favourite Pokemon and what does that say about you?

CA: Charmander, he’s fiery.

MS: Torntor(?)

AS: Squritle? Doesn’t know what theirs is, but thinks someone should choose.

PAR: Bob, nobody else’s is like mine, nice.

18:40: Question for all: Where would you get money to fund events?

CA: All events are low risk. Better PR helps to get people into the building.

MS: Music bingo funds itself and can be linked to societies.

AK: Can link the TV up to a laptop so doesn’t necessarily cost any money.

PAR: Buying more songs is already in the budget for social this year.

18:36: PAR: Third year student – ran for board in last election but doesn’t feel like they got to complete their manifesto. Three points to manifesto – Karaoke: Buy new songs for karaoke and resist karaoke book! Website: making it clearer, professional, PR: list of what happens each week and better physical PR.

AK: Second year and first time freshers’ helper. Good way to learn about union – decided to run for board because of this. Three points – based off own of experiences. TV show nights (different from movie nights) as not a commitment, good way to meet new people. Getting home safe from events – volunteers to walk people home if they live nearby after late events. Big fan of poetry slam – would like for people to read non-English poetry to improve diversity in union.

MS: Was a freshers’ helper this year and had a great time. Three points – new drinking fountain as Food Factory shuts early(ish); refurbish pin boards to improve content and make them look nicer; music bingo as a social – was successful during FW and versatile event. Music based prizes too.

CA: Fourth year students. Home student facilities and socials, good to work with Home Students’ Network; open Scran in peak times during day, bring back Food Factory vegan option; improve toilets.

18:28: We’re starting! Mata has introduced the candidates for CSR A to the stage. We will be using their initials to refer to them for speed!

18:11: Hello! We are here! In Jim’s! With a VK! Tonight’s candidates are as followed:

CSR A (12 months) (3 seats): Chloe Alarcon (CA), Anoushka Kapoor (AK), Polly Alice Russell (PAR) and Maša Senožetnik (MS)

CSR B (6 months) (2 seats): Ruaraidh Campbell (RC), Lexi Crockford (LC), Heather Valentine (HV).

FSM (12 months) (1 seat): Jonathan Telford (JT).

We’ll be updating as fast as our typing speed allows throughout the night.


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