Album Review: Shigeto – ‘The New Monday’

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The New Monday takes us in many different directions as is the nature of Shigeto’s process of discovery, demonstrating his desire to capture Detroit’s wide array of cultural influences, old and new. Hip-hop artist ZelooperZ from Shigeto’s side project ZGTO features in ‘Barry White’ – a fine blend of hip-hop, jazz, dance music and ambient sounds – as well as in ‘A2D’ alongside Silas Green who also features in ‘Don’t Trip’.

This album shows just how far Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, has come since his last release. It’s been four years since the Detroit-based artist brought us No Better Time Than Now, and what better time than now to kick off a new chapter of his chronicle with ‘Detroit Part II’, a fitting tribute to the much-loved ‘Detroit Part I’? A new chapter of course comes with a new sound – diverse compositions focus on Shigeto’s return to the Detroit community whilst being careful to retain much of the magic from his prior works, hence the occasional creeping in of a kalimba to cover those deep, beautiful dance tracks. Fans from many corners of jazz, dance and hip hop will find much to love about this melting pot of sounds.

[Murray McKinstray]

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