EP Review: Boy Harsher – ‘Country Girl’

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Country Girl is the second EP to come from electronic duo, Boy Harsher. The EP creates a dark ambience using countless nostalgic-tinged synth patterns for a truly hypnotizing result.  

What makes this work so much more than just a collection of rhythmic, repetitive drum beats, however, are the sultry and seductive vocals. They sound emotive- breathy like every word has to be pushed out- yet distant, so it’s clear the vocalist is too cool for you. This adds to the almost tangible intensity of the duo’s music itself. When you listen to this EP it’s almost impossible not to close your eyes and imagine it echoing throughout an edgy, underground club venue with lasers pyrotechnics hitting off the rustic walls.

The unnerving high-pitched samples that are scattered throughout ‘Underwater’ envelope you to add to the atmospheric tension, making it sound like a track that would fit right in on the notoriously cool and moody Drive soundtrack. Though there may be some ominous vibes, this EP is effortlessly cool and not to be missed.


[Stacey Anderson – @staceyanders0n]

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