Live Review: Superfood

King Tuts, 10/10

After an already long evening featuring other bands, Superfood jump into their set with some new songs from their latest album, Bambino. With a keen crowd featuring mostly under 18s, the previously static audience jumps in too wherever possible with chants of  “Superfoooood, Superfoooood”.

The new album being more experimental and eclectic in style makes their act stand out from a typical indie gig. ‘Clo Park’ is a particular highlight, with added guitar solos and a more engaging sound than the album version. The tone of the room and the rest of the set then continues to be laid-back, with the exception of when they play ‘TV’; this works well when they start ‘Right On Satellite’ and extend it with a very slow build up that pays off.

Overall though, despite their awkward but friendly introductions, the gig is underwhelming. The most lively songs are those from the old album, and while Bambino is a far better attempt at a second album than Swim Deep’s Mothers, it just feels overshadowed by Don’t Say That; though it tries to push the boundaries and move away from the typical summery indie genre, it’s not experimental enough to really stand on equal ground. King Tuts also felt like the wrong kind of venue for such a relaxed atmosphere (despite those fans who ended up sitting on shoulders). Perhaps a more atmospheric setting and some additional production will make for a better concert when they perform at Barrowlands next month, but currently one can’t help but feel left wanting more.

[Yasmina Todd]

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