Arts Review: My Place Too

2nd October – 3rd November 2017, The Lighthouse

A small-scale exhibition with a big message. The exhibition brings together over 400 people across the world, from a wide variety of backgrounds, to celebrate unique and individual experiences of the world. Displayed via four monitors, slide shows present photographs of people in places which hold importance to them, alongside personal testimony relaying why. With each of the four presentations taking a year to make, emphasis is placed upon this being a labour of love.

Walking along the corridor, passing monitors and taking in individuals contributors personal affiliations with the depicted spaces, was an exceptional experience. I was placed within each individual’s mind, appreciating the space I viewed through their reasoning and love. Spaces I knew first-hand became laden with new connotations, and places altogether foreign to me became less so with reading. This ability to swiftly transform a complete stranger’s mind-set and create a common thread of understanding was something that stood out for me as wonderfully unique to this exhibition.

Not to be overlooked is the great vulnerability experienced by those participating in the exhibition. Many stories relay the idea of being ‘saved’ by the places photographed, of personal loneliness overcome by a physical public space. Revealing these truths to be taken in by strangers across the world demonstrates more emotional strength through vulnerability than in any other exhibition I’ve encountered.

The set-up of four monitors adjacent to a window overlooking the buildings of Glasgow City Centre allows the viewer to take in the exhibition, and project the message out onto Glasgow, appreciating the city space in their own individual way.

The wide-reaching nature of My Place Too allows the viewer to focus upon the fact that despite differences in geography, race, religion, social status – the list goes on – we all have the same basic understanding of the world around us. The exhibition aims to promote the fact that there is only one human race, and only one earth upon which we live. In my opinion this exhibition has achieved a projection of the way the world could progress. Little by little we will all come to appreciate that everyone holds a place of equal value in this world.

[Olivia Eriksen]

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