Album Review: Wolf Alice – ‘Visions of a Life’

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This is the album I needed when I was fifteen. It’s angsty, big, thoughtful and bold, but crucially with the vulnerability of a “human heart in my hand”.

Adolescent in tone, it openly exposes a vast spectrum of emotions and colours: from ‘Yuk Foo’ – the spoonerised anthem of rebellion, emotional and sexual expression – to the softer naivety of tracks like ‘Space and Time’ (“I hope my body gets better/Do I mean my body or my mind?”)  or the romantic, childish expression of what it feels to be in love: ‘Don’t Delete the Kisses’. The freedom at which this album moves from track to track, each an individual thought, reflects well the complexity of feeling, whether you want the music you’re listening to express your anxieties from minute-to-minute or to feel everything at once.

It’s charismatically self-aware; beautifully unconventional. Unjaded and unaware of boundaries, it expresses a Vision of a Life of multi-colour. I just want it to expand even further and feel like we’ll get that with another release, so it’s exciting to see where they’ll go next.

[Imogen Hay – @ImogenIslay]


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