Live Review: Oh Wonder

QMU, 02/11
It’s rewarding to see genuine musicians develop as artists, and particularly with such examples as ‘Ultralife’ and ‘High on Humans’, Oh Wonder show a lot of promise and are increasingly becoming a recognised name, with their second album having reached number eight on the Top 10 UK Album Chart. Through many of their songs, the duo are keen to promote the importance of human connections, the capability we have to do good in the world and the desire to support those that are struggling. Oh Wonder are such captivating and respectable musicians: they seem very self-made and their songs reflect the amount of thought and care they put into their work.

Tonight their set begins with a few songs from their first album including ‘Dazzle’, which almost resembles their approach with the second album of not ignoring what came before. It’s also evident that Anthony and Josephine are no strangers to playing live – they put so much energy into their performance that they wouldn’t struggle in a venue twice the size of Qudos. This certainly provides a compelling experience for the audience, and, featuring a more stripped back version of ‘Midnight Moon’ and with Josephine’s brother accompanying the duo with his saxophone, a unique one that you couldn’t get from listening to their records at home.
Before performing ‘All We Do’, Josephine makes a speech about the inspiration behind the song and encourages fans to try become better people and to strive towards your goals: it really pulls at the old heartstrings (pun intended). Oh Wonder are naturals at what they do, and this unmistakeably comes across in their music as it fills the room; the audience responds with a resounding applause after each and every delivery. Watching the pair clearly living their ultralife is so infectious that fans can’t help but feel bliss running through their veins.
While Oh Wonder may not be visiting Scotland for the rest of the year, Glasgow will certainly welcome them back any time as we eagerly anticipate what more they have to offer!

[Stephen English]

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