Album Review: EERA – ‘Reflection of Youth’

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EERA’s debut album Reflection of Youth is a ten track wander through the deepest recesses of Anna Lena Bruland’s mind, as she translates intensely personal contemplation into a raw and powerful sound. It documents a tumultuous period in Bruland’s twenties – a time laden heavy with pressure and expectation.

Eerie guitar crescendos powerfully into an all-out alt rock melody in the opening song ‘Living’, which Bruland describes as “an apology directed to one of my best friends”. A personal favourite is ‘Christine’, a beautiful, lilting ode to her sister in which Bruland’s dream like vocals haunt me. The album is clearly cathartic, the palpable release of anger giving the record a purpose and momentum complemented blissfully by the reverb heavy rhythm of the guitars. ‘Survive’ is a triumphant, defiant recounting of the liberation of emerging from an emotionally dark place a stronger person.

The album is uncompromising, a record that delves into the difficulties of  facing your darkest fears and deepest weaknesses, and using them to gain direction and clarity. Ultimately, it serves as an eternally relevant reminder that there is a light at the end of the tunnel – you are stronger than you think and will prevail.

[Lucy Scott]

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