Album Review: The Zephyr Bones – ‘Secret Place’

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Reverb is the death of songwriting.

The guitar work is simplistic (slick reverb heavy riffs repeated ad nauseam), the drums so static they come across as inorganic, and the vocalist’s best impression of a whispered conversation at the other end of a cathedral is unintelligible.

The reverb heavily detracts from any coherent, catchy melodies, leaving the songwriting in mud. In all the mess of genres, the half-baked ‘Las Olas’ stands out as having succeeded where the others failed – it’s a simple lo-fi indie track with jangle pop backing.

Elsewhere, there are attempts at simplifying Tame Impala and The Verve and disguised as passable. All the effort is in faux genre mixing, ensuring that the guitars sound just like 00s garage rock revival in ‘Secret Place’ and that the synth arpeggios bleed kitsch. Yet it never becomes anything above generic dream pop; the focus is to untangle and refine forced genre fusions, and not on songwriting.

[Tess Dawson ]

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