Live Review: Seafoal

Nice N’ Sleazy, 08/11

In a post PWR BTTM world, queer representation in the music scene has made strides to exist despite external influence to silence its voice. LGBTQ people have always existed in music and will continue to do so, yet in the politically pernicious ethos that the world finds itself in, their existence seems almost revolutionary. Seafoal finds themselves in this space.

In the warmth of Nice N’ Sleazy (which seems like an almost too literal name for the bar), the show started off a wee bit shaky due to tour bus issues that led to a delay. When it did begin, it was surprising to discover that the show was a triple artist gig with support from two other acts. First in line was Apollo who, due to the ubiquitousness of his name, is near impossible to find on social media, although this anonymity is possibly done intentionally. Interestingly, this adjective correctly describes his musical stylings: mysterious, moody synth-heavy beats often deliberately played out of rhythm. Artistic and academic in his presence, he stays true to his namesake.

Second on the bill was Scarlett Randle, a complete 180 degree turn from her predecessor. Bubbly and sweetly coy in her stage presence, her vulnerability brought intimacy in the crowded basement, and, armed with a guitar and her voice, she did justice not only to her original music but to the covers she brought to the stage (my favorite of which being Future Islands’ ‘Seasons’, which helped to heal my homesick heart). Whenever I get to hear a Glasgow-based artist, a sense of pride fills for my adopted home town.

Finally, Seafoal arrived on the scene. Through all the trials and tribulations of the night’s show, Seafoal was able to be poised and assured. With a shaved head and sullen face of independence, they commanded the stage in a way that only seasoned artists could; and it was not only their stage presence that was unique, but also their sound. In a very delightful way, their music seemed to combine the strengths of their opening acts – Apollo with his mysticism, and Scarlet with her delightfulness.

The feeling of excitement of seeing another queer person experience a grand moment of their life took my breath away – I’ll gladly let Seafoal keep it.

[Bryce Armijo – @snarrly_]


(Editor’s note: Seafoal has since updated their artist name to ZAND)

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