Single Review: Firestations – ‘Build A Building’

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Twee pop is effectively on life support – from the burgeoning popularity and musical success of nu twee act Alvvays’ dream pop album to local twee veterans Belle and Sebastian’s jolt into dreary dance pop. Even considering its influence for lo-fi indie through Beat Happening, it seems the days of cutesy, amatuerish indie pop are long gone.

Firestations debut with this outdated style, and do so without any experiments. As easy and obvious as a foray into the cutesy progressive electronic of Mort Garson would be within this track’s incredibly dull and repetitive synths, no such path is taken. There isn’t a lack of hooks, just a lack of spirit in the performance that fills them with the dead eyes of a taxidermist’s business card; as a debut, this single amounts to just that.

[Tess Dawson – @theblutit]

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