Live Review: Europe

SSE Hydro, 22/11

Upon arriving at the SSE Hydro just in time for Europe, I am surprised to see the floor section is completely covered with seats. Given that the average age of the crowd seems to be in the 60s though, I guess it kind of makes sense, what with Deep Purple being the headline and all. Europe is just starting with a recent song as I sit down, and although I am not familiar with the new album, I am quite happy with what I have heard so far.

They play a few more songs off Walk The Earth, which for the most part are actually pretty decent for a band that’s been around for 35+ years. That being said, I am pleased when they start to perform some of their older stuff – ‘Scream of Anger’ goes down particularly well, giving a significant boost to the energy of the show and proving that these guys still know how to rock. Joey’s voice is on point and his stage presence and energy do not disappoint. I was hoping to hear ‘Cherokee’, but ‘Carrie’ is an acceptable substitute, and as the set gets closer to the end my anticipation grows for what I know with be a stellar finish.

It does feel like a large proportion of the crowd are here to see Deep Purple, but as soon as ‘The Final Countdown’ begins, there is a noticeable boost in crowd enthusiasm, as one would expect. With phone screens popping up everywhere, Europe deliver with their fan favourite classic which makes for a brilliant finish to an excellent set. With a good mix of both new and old material and an all-round great performance, I am left wanting more and look forward to seeing them again in the future, hopefully at their own headline show.

[John Doe]

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