The Escape to the Moon

I hated the day and all that I could see: deceit, pollution, murder; man’s true nature, exposed in the daylight. How I wished to live in the night, to see the stars dancing across the water, chased by the wind and the moon. How I wished to hear the silence, deep and hypnotising as the world breathes, caught up in dreams. A childlike purity is held in the night and rests in the dark.

But only for a second. The sun rises and man’s true nature is exposed in the daylight. This is all I would say, forever and ever, each day. Until one day, I became the moon.  

I looked around me and saw the stars. My glistening friends were much duller than they had appeared from earth, seeming now so cold and distant. I called out to them. Some did not hear, some turned away. They left, walking into the void. I looked onto the world, my glow illuminating all, allowing me to see the earth in extreme clarity. Why did it appear sinister? Night from the earth had always been wonderful, gazing up at the moon. Why is it so different from up here?

Now, I watch the earth as it slumbers. I feel uneasy; something is not right. My new sight had left the world naked and exposed. I peer closer. As the moon, I see the world as if it was day; theft, rape, war, all obscured by night’s cloak. Evil swarms like dark smoke, its filth and desire covering the earth. The darkness seeps into homes, into dreams. I want to run, to turn away, to remove my eyes so as not to see.

Yes, it is night, but man’s true nature does not wait for the daylight.

[Amelia Stokes]

Image courtesy of: Zaynah Ahmed

Model: Nina Mdwaba

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