Your Secret Collage

Close your eyes. Let loose any last random
thoughts. Night has fallen once more and now your
canvas awaits. Time to rest. Like always,
in sweet hope, you go where identity
is explored through collage that’s real but isn’t.
Stillness is what sparks this most private art.

So many materials here, for art
which makes no sense. But it doesn’t seem random
when you’re making the collage. Well it isn’t
worth millions, yet this thrill-ride is like your
adventure movie. Each identity
is directed by one viewer, always.

Instead of just watching, you can always
be the star. Then see how alive this art
really feels. Find a new identity
in this patchwork of faces, a random
cleanup that’s beyond conscious control. Your
collage is familiar and no, it isn’t.

Sometimes an emotional collage isn’t
pleasant. With the right trigger it always
has the crushing potential to scald your
soft cheeks. Problems pieced together as art.
How could this be practice? It’s so random
that you prey on your own identity.

Wait. If you can keep your identity
then cut, paste, control this collage. That isn’t
easy. It’s rare to cut loose from random
weirdness and design playtime that’s always
desirable. But it’s possible. Art
with awareness makes wonder truly yours.

Open those eyes. It’s time to pack up your
canvas. Day rises. Your identity
returns in one piece from the land of art
and secrets. This morning a collage isn’t
within another and yes, as always,
what you do remember will seem random.

Your collage can be a haven, but isn’t
home. Identity will no doubt always
make art. It’s up to you what is random.

[Scott McKenzie]

Image courtesy of: Zaynah Ahmed

Model: Nina Mdwaba

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