Live Review: LANY

QMU, 08/12

His long hair and boyish yet flirty smile is enough to make every girl scream inside QMU’s Qudos. Together with drummer Jake Goss and keyboardist Les Priest, LANY’s frontman Paul Klein gives us a sappy electro-pop performance that we can’t seem to get enough of, creating a dreamy world full of energy and millennial spirits.

The venue is instantly radiating with hipster-electro vibes thanks to the background setting. Unsurprisingly, the band was listed as one of the ‘10 New Artists You Need to Know’ by Rolling Stone in 2016, who described their sound as “electronic pop mixing Eighties flash, blue-eyed soul, and the ongoing search for genuine connection on a smart phone” – this is translated into not just the flashy lighting but also in the mixing of upbeat and downbeat tracks in the live set. LANY – or should I say Paul – gives us sweaty and energetic performances charged with electricity as well as light-heartedness. This energy is extremely contagious, shared by fans and the band alike who are constantly connecting with each other through singalongs, yet there is always this chill and laid back feeling concealed behind their sound, be it a dance tune or a love song.

Perhaps it’s due to the contrast between the dreamy gaze of Paul who likes to maintain blushing eye contact with the audience and his silly dance moves that always give me the giggles; or perhaps it’s the ultra-cool look of the keyboardist and the passionate playing of the drummer. Either way, LANY is definitely “blurring the alt-pop lines” as according to Rolling Stones. They don’t seem to have the ego of pop idols in their genre, but they have the ability to move the audience like any great icon.

[Nini Huang – @niniiiiihuang]

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