Live Review: LP

QMU, 05/12

From the moment my sister made me discover LP, I fell in love with her music. My excitement matches that of the crowd in Qudos as I make my way closer to the stage. A chilled start to the evening comes in the form of Albin Lee Meldau, with a simple white shirt and a beautiful gravelly voice charged with emotion. Sat near the edge of the stage, the Swedish musician seems to be telling the audience a story with his folky, soul-inspired, retro pop songs. I’m hooked, but his mumbled sentences between tunes leave the audience moderately receptive.

We hear LP before we can see her. The high vocalizing at the beginning of ‘Strange’ suddenly emanates from backstage and she emerges, filling me with awe and almost disbelief that such immense power could come out of such a slender human. As soon as she reaches the front of the stage, she already commands the venue. Her phenomenal voice fills the space entirely, and she maintains an intense connection with her audience for the rest of the evening – because not only does LP effortlessly juggle with spectacular key changes, she also whips out a harmonica, whistles and plays the ukulele while wandering the stage signing t-shirts and more ukuleles from the audience. She is completely mesmerizing, and Qudos is overflowing with energy; nearly everyone is singing along, filled with passion. LP’s mere presence is enough to connect everyone: her friendly, unique, quirky style acts like a magnet. The music hits us in waves of gentleness and almost other-worldly strength, culminating in countless “I love you”s from the crowd during ‘Lost On You’. 

LP is true to herself: a playful, passionate, fascinating artist with an incredible voice range that takes her audience to other places. Seeing her live can be summed up in two words: Absolutely. Spectacular. 

[Isabelle Ribe]

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