EP Review: HININ – ‘Noyés’

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Hailing from a “disaster zone for wandering youth” (i.e. Tulle), HININ are a French post-punk duo who traded in a summer of laying on the beach and enjoying drinks earlier this year to spend their time indoors recording four original tracks of their own; the final product was their very first EP which they released in November.

Noyés re-introduces us to this DIY ethic, giving birth to simple drumbeats and a distinctive guitar sound similar to Killing Joke’s Geordie Walker’s style. Lyrically, the tales it tells speak to a younger generation, inspiring both hope and horror alike – opening track ‘Concrète’ describes boredom and the worrying temptation towards self-destruction that can result from it, yet ‘Aveugle’ is a simple love song that comes across as charming in its innocence; ‘Terrain Vague’ contains words addressed to someone who tries to escape their own pain by targeting other people as victims, but not without the ability to feel regret (“Entre les corps froids, les linceuls / Tu retrouves un peu de ta pitié”), although final track ‘Feu de paille’ is probably the tune that stands out most on the EP as an upbeat call to revolt (“Lève-toi contre ceux qui perdent la raison et leur cœur”) with an edgy punk twist.

Granted, there’s something of a lack of variation or experimentation in the vocals and song structure that makes it hard to tell several of the tracks apart, but the poetry of their lyrics and guitar-driven sound makes the music worth a listen. With some refinement, HININ may well hold plenty of promise for the future.

[Anni Payne]

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