Glasgow Film Festival: qmunicate’s Top Picks

qmunicate gives a rundown of a few of our most anticipated events from the upcoming Glasgow Film Festival.

This year’s annual Glasgow Film Festival brings with it a plethora of cinematic goodness, with screenings of both upcoming films and cult classics at venues and cinemas throughout the city. Among some of qmunicate’s most anticipated are…

You Were Never Really Here (GFT, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February)

Lynne Ramsay’s internationally-acclaimed You Were Never Really Here follows Joaquin Phoenix’s contract killer as he struggles to rescue a Senator’s daughter from a child prostitution ring. Not an easy topic by any account, but Ramsay has already proven herself capable of handling weighty subject matter with nuance and due respect, as with 2011’s We Need to Talk About Kevin. The film is also scored by Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, whose soundtrack is the subject of another festival event, Soundtracking with Edith Bowman: Lynne Ramsay (more information further in the article).


Super November (GFT, Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th March)

Josie Long’s Glasgow-set Super November is an odd beast, comprising of one part rom-com, following a Clydebank librarian’s encounter with her soulmate, then followed by a health chunk of social examination as the political unrest of the surrounding setting invades the couple’s disconnected bubble.


Thoroughbreds (Cineworld, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February)

A Sundance standout, Thoroughbreds sees the Me, Earl & the Dying Girl and The Witch’s breakout performers (Olivia Cooke and Anya Taylor Joy, respectively) star together as affluent suburban teens Amanda and Lily who, despite their mismatched personas, nonetheless share a common goal in desiring the death of Lily’s repulsive stepfather. Anton Yelchin gives his final performance as a small-time drug dealer dragged unwillingly into their morbid scheme.


The Breadwinner (GFT, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February)

Nora Twomey, animator behind 2009’s Oscar-nominated The Secret of Kells, gives an adaptation of Deborah Ellis’ novel of the same name. The film follows Parvana, a young girl living under Taliban rule in Afghanistan who, after the wrongful arrest of her father, must cut her hair and dress as a boy in order to provide for her family – all framed through Twomey’s unique visual style.


The Ballad of Lefty Brown (GFT, Thursday 22nd February)

Bill Pullman stars as the titular Lefty Brown, an ageing underachiever in the old West, pulled into a merciless pursuit of revenge and redemption after the murder of his friend and partner. Pullman himself will appear elsewhere in the festival for an In Person interview at the GFT on the 23rd of February for an interview covering the film and his surrounding career.

As if this wasn’t enough, alongside these and many other screenings Glasgow will be host to an array of unique premieres, discussions and other cinematic events to please your inner cinephile. The following are a few of qmunicate’s top picks…


Opening Gala: Isle of Dogs (GFT, Wednesday 21st February)

Opening the Glasgow Film Festival, Wes Anderson’s follow-up to the all-round lovely Grand Budapest Hotel has its UK premiere at the GFT on the 21st of February. For those without a ticket, tough luck we’re afraid. But for those few lucky enough to have snatched one it’s set to be a night to remember.


The Big Lebowski: A Night of Bowling (Hollywood Bowl + Odeon, Tuesday 27th February)

A screening of the Coen brothers’ 90s delight at the Quay Odeon will be followed by an evening of bowling next door at Hollywood bowl, with a prize for the winner. Just don’t go over the line. [Update: Tickets now sold out]


BAFTA Scotland Masterclass: Peter Burgis (CCA, Friday 2nd March)

Foley artist Peter Burgis, the man behind the sound effects commonplace throughout your favourite films (Harry Potter, anyone?), will pull back the curtain on an oft-overlooked cinematic craft with the assistance of an assortment of everyday objects, vegetables included.


Die Hard: Another Day at the Office (Former College of Building & Printing, Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th February)

Celebrating the 30th birthday of the granddaddy of action cinema, the Glasgow Film Festival has created its own Nakatomi Plaza on the 13th floor of the Former College of Building and Printing for two evenings of screenings of John McClane’s escapades accompanied by themed cocktails. [Update: Tickets now sold out]

Glasgow Film Festival Quiz (Saramago, Monday 26th February)

Do you know your Kubrick from your Kurosawa, your Seven Samurai from your Seven Psychopaths, your Deuce Bigalow from your Kathryn Bigelow? Then gather your quiz Expendables and test your cinephile mettle at Saramago on the 26th of February.


Groundhog Day at Flat 0/1 (Flat 0/1, Thursday 22nd February – Saturday 3rd March)

Celebrating Groundhog Day’s 25th anniversary, Flat 0/1 will be transformed into a shrine dedicated to daily screenings of Harold Ramis’ seminal comedy at 6pm every day from the 22nd of February to the 3rd of March.


Groundhog Day at Flat 0/1 (Flat 0/1, Thursday 22nd February – Saturday 3rd March)

Celebrating Groundhog Day’s 25th anniversary, Flat 0/1 will be… hang on a second.


Run Lola Run presented by Glasgow Youth Film Festival (The Art School, Saturday 3rd March)

Presented by Glasgow Youth Film Festival, on the 3rd of March the Art School will host a screening Tom Tykwer’s frantic Berlin thriller in a celebration of its 20th anniversary.


School Disco: Clueless/Gregory’s Girl at SWG3 (SWG3 Warehouse, Wednesday 28th February)

On the 28th SWG3 will be a battleground between the 80s and 90s as it hosts a choice of screenings between 1981’s Gregory’s Girl or 1995’s Clueless. Both audiences will then meet afterwards for a decade-mashing disco night, promising prizes for cheesiest costume and best dancing.


The Surprise Film (GFT, Wednesday 28th February)

Little is known of this enigmatic screening beyond the GFF’s own teasing, including a nudge towards the highly unlikely possibility of Terry Gilliam’s elusive The Man Who Killed Don Quixote (though that’s not to rule it out). All that is promised is that a film will be shown, exactly what it will be won’t be known until the 28th of February. Fingers crossed for Boss Baby 2.


Soundtracking with Edith Bowman: Lynne Ramsay (GFT, Saturday 24th February)

Radio personality and podcast host Edith Bowman meets with director Lynne Ramsay to discuss her acclaimed career alongside her continuing collaboration with Radiohead’s Johnny Greenwood, as heard in her latest release You Were Never Really Here (also screening at the festival).


In Person: Ben Wheatley (GFT, Sunday 4th March)

In a late addition to the programme Ben Wheatley, the busiest man in British cinema and the director behind last year’s Free Fire (alongside frankly too many other recent films to list), will stop by the GFT for an interview covering his packed career.


Closing Gala: Nae Pasaran (GFT, Sunday 4th March)

And to close it all off, Glasgow Film Festival will host the world premiere of Felipe Bustos Sierra’s Nae Pasaran, a documentary detailing the vital solidarity shown by workers in East Kilbride’s Rolls Royce factory in their four-year boycott in support of the people of Chile, which struck a crucial blow against the Pinochet dictatorship. The film celebrates a key piece of both Scottish and Chilean history, and will serve as an emotional conclusion to a stellar season of film. [Update: Tickets now sold out]

[Ronan Duff  – @@Ronan_Duff]


More information on the Glasgow Film Festival including a full list of screenings is available here.

The Glasgow Film Theatre offers a free 15-25 discount card for students, available here.

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