Live Review: The Vignettes

King Tuts, 19/01

The Vignettes – comprised of Strathclyde (oooh) students Hamish Swanson, Innes Mackintosh, Sean Mason and Matthew Bird – surged onto Glasgow’s vibrant music scene back in 2015. Since then they’ve been making impressive strides, with a string of riotous sets at Stereo and Broadcast as well as a previous gig at the infamous King Tuts.

Tonight they return for King Tuts’ New Year’s Revolution, supporting Glasgow based quartet Fauves. It’s baltic outside, but The Vignettes soon get the crowd going with their quirky blend of disco and indie rock. It’s feel good music, designed to make your shake your hips and get down. The band lead by example and Swanson and Mackintosh dance on stage as they play, clearly having a great time.

Swanson, resplendent in the most shimmery of golden shirts and leather trousers, is a charismatic frontman. “This next song involves a maraca and I remembered to bring one this time”, he croons, as the distinctive guitar riff of anthemic track ‘Young Bohemians’ envelopes the crowd. It’s a personal favourite, and the packed audience groove along to the infectious rhythm. Swanson’s vocals are showcased nicely in track ‘We Can Get Together’, and it’s another highlight of a well-executed set.

The performance is tight and smoothly assured, and The Vignettes make for a refreshing change from an indie scene dominated by Arctic Monkeys-esque reinventions. Armed with an arsenal of original, undeniably catchy songs and an irresistible love of the flamboyant, The Vignettes’ well-deserved ascendancy is sure to continue.

If you happen to find yourself in Galashiels on 2nd February, catch The Vignettes as they support up and coming Glaswegian band The Ninth Wave.


[Lucy Scott]

[Photo credit: Jake Gordon]

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