Album Review: Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’

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British/Icelandic pop punk band Dream Wife’s self-titled debut album is a bouncy, cheerfully angry release. The feminist trio choose their name as a wry reference to 1950s style opinions on the place of women, and have marketed their brand as one of female empowerment.

So-called “punk-rock rage-filled rallying cry” ‘Let’s Make Out’ is the highlight, with an infectious beat and Avril Lavigne-esque Grrl Rage. ‘Love Without Reason’ is a bit more sentimental, while ‘Taste’ leans towards old school indie tunes. There’s unfortunately little Nordic sounding about the album except the distinctive vocals of lead singer Rakel Mjöll, and a verse in Icelandic in ‘F.U.U.’, which bangs.

Dream Wife aren’t about to win any awards for songwriting – the tracks are all a bit same-y and the lyrics basic. What they do well, however, is to make catchy beats for when you want a dance and to be angry without actually having anything to rage against.

[Louise Wylie – @womanpendulum]

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