Album Review: Jay Som – Pirouette


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Jay Som’s Pirouette  is the work of a musical project by American songwriter Melina Duterte that would fit in perfectly with the “Indie List” playlist on Spotify. Both the title song and ‘O.K., Meet Me Underwater’ were leftover tracks from her 2017 album Everything Works, and together they combine as a duo to take you on a seven-minute sentimental journey.

Lyrically, the songs are incredibly personal and focus on untold confessions – the sorts of which that keep you awake at night. The final half of Pirouette is solely instrumental with a distinct mix of bass and electronic sound, allowing you to completely immerse yourself in your own thoughts; the combination of this soft electronic bass and confessional lyrics will leave you pondering. To continue in your journey, Jay Som’s 2017 album which these songs were meant to feature on provides more content to keep your mind thinking.

[Courtney Hughes]

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