Live Review: Flying Penguins

Tchai Ovna, 02/02

The atmosphere of Tchai Ovna was delightful as always and the perfect match for the Flying Penguins casual, friendly presence. The tiny tea room was jam-packed with barely room for the band let alone the audience, but this only increased the cosy atmosphere – and not just literally! It took a little bit of manoeuvring to get them all on the stage, but once that was sorted the magic began.

The combination of instruments on the night were flawless, with the ever-evolving group comprising this evening of a flautist, a guitarist/lead vocalist, a bass player and two violinists. Tchai Ovna was perhaps too small however for the large following this group has as it was a struggle for seats, although this definitely speaks for their popularity. Their brand of folk music is delicate and soothing, with well-crafted melodies and gentle vocals. Their transition between original music and cover music was seamless, with each song having echoes of their own sound. Honestly, I’m a regular attendee at Flying Penguins gigs and I’ll always jump at the chance to hear them in a new setting; I’ll never tire of their music and their sound is constantly fresh and interesting, and not just because of their ever-changing line up.

It’s so refreshing to see a group of young musicians playing so beautifully and with such experience. They work perfectly as either a headline act on a big stage or as a relaxing backdrop to a lovely evening in a tea room, and you don’t have to know all the words to have them seem safe and familiar. I always enjoy their gigs and this was no exception. 

[Chloë Tobin-Kemmer – @CTobinKemmer]

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