Album Review: Rae Morris – ‘Someone Out There’

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Scottish weather is unfortunately still very much attached to the season of overcast skies and chilly air, keeping layers of frost on the grass until a glimpse of sunlight slowly fades them away. Yet listening to Rae Morris’ new album Someone Out There makes it seem like spring is already well and truly here – her rhythmic pop-songs will get your feet moving no matter where you are. The lyrics are quite generic, with lots of repetition so you’re able to pretty much sing along immediately. I most enjoy the few exceptions where there’s a greater sense of storytelling such as in ‘Wait For The Rain’ and ‘Dip My Toe’, the latter apparently about having sex with a partner for the first time.

The main focus on Someone Out There is definitely Morris’ vocals, which she uses as an instrument on their own. Whatever the electronic rhythms or beat, it is her voice that is emphasised, harmonising with itself. Her reach and the different styles she is able to shape it in is phenomenal: from a euphoric dance sound in ‘Reborn’ to melancholy in ‘Push Me to My Limit’, her voice is always powerful and upbeat. A standout is ‘Lower the Tone’, in which Morris physically lowers her tone, sounding more wistful and emotional. Overall, the album showcases some impressive electro-pop from the 25 year old Blackpudlian.

[Aike Jansen]

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