Live Review: The Go! Team

QMU 09/02

Touring off the back of their brilliantly fun and eclectic fifth album Semicircle, The Go Team waste no time in storming through a set underpinned by funky bass hooks, shimmering synths and the heady mix of two drummers. The band swap instruments after almost every song, but Simone Odaranile provides a solid bedrock with her impressive lightening quick drumming. Frontwoman Ninja keeps up the energy in the room with her combination of old school hip hop delivery and cheerleading, clashing cymbals, skipping rope with the microphone cord and enlisting three Scottish blokes to offer their names and star signs for ‘Semicircle Song’, which is both funny and poignant in equal measure. 

The band manage to put some interesting new spins on songs from their first album, offering a more guitar driven ‘Ladyflash’ and solving the problem of ‘Feelgood by Numbers’ – which requires tinny plastic flutes to compete with drums and distorted guitars – by bolstering them with a fantastic brass section. The Go Team have a particular knack for making small inconsequential instruments sound monumental while lowering guitars and vocals into the rich soup of the music. Ian leads an impassioned ‘Everyone’s a V.I.P. to Someone’ on harmonica, with Sam taking up banjo duties before they each run to their guitars to finish the song in a grandiose cacophony of noise. By the time the encore comes the crowd are jumping around and singing along, and the perfect pairing of the new ‘All The Way Live’ and old ‘The Power Is On’ brings the night to a fitting close.

More than anything, the show feels like a band working perfectly together and enjoying every minute of it. As they clap in unison to bring in ‘Hey!’ (which especially benefits from the styling of two drummers), it definitely feels like a (Go!) team effort. 


[Josh Dodds]

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