GU Spring Election Season: What You Need to Know

So, the general elections are coming up, and can be confusing and overwhelming if you’re not sure what’s going on. Your good friend [qmunicate] is here to give you a 101 guide as to how they work.

As you should be aware, Glasgow has four student bodies – SRC, QMU, GUU, and GUSA. All four of these have positions available that range from President to their version of a student representative. Each student body works differently with regards to the positions available due to the differing nature of each body – but the elections for all are incredibly similar, and information regarding the positions can be found online.

What is the election week schedule?

Below is an outline for election week, containing all information regarding all student bodies.

Monday 26th February:

  • QMU Hustings, Jim’s Bar, 6pm.
  • GUSA Hustings, Adam Smith Building Room 1115, 6pm.
  • SRC Non-Sabbatical Heckling, Room 201 McIntyre Building, 7:30pm.

Tuesday 27th February:

  • QMU President’s Debate, Jim’s Bar, 7pm.
  • SRC Sabbatical Heckling, Room 201 McIntyre Building, 6pm.

Wednesday 28th February:

  • QMU, SRC and GUSA Polling opens, 9am.
  • GUU Hustings, Debates Chamber, 7pm.

Thursday 1st March:

  • QMU, SRC & GUSA Polling closes, 5pm.
  • GUU Polling, 9am-7pm.
  • Election results announced in the evening for all student bodies.

Who are the candidates?

All student bodies will have a list of their candidates and respective manifestos available online via their social media. As stated, each body works differently with regards to the positions available, but the manifestos provided by candidates provides you with an idea of what the position holds – and what each candidate wishes to bring to it. Definitely give the manifestos a read, they are created with the intention of convincing you, the voter, that they are the best candidate possible for that position.

How can I vote?  

Voting is primarily done online – and a link is typically emailed to your student email via the SRC, or it is available through MyCampus on days of polling. By being a student at the University of Glasgow you are already a member of the SRC and are therefore automatically allowed to vote. You can only vote in the QMU, GUU and GUSA elections if you are a member of each union. Unfortunately, unless you signed up before Monday 26th February, you won’t be able to vote in this year’s QMU elections – but fear not! You will be eligible for all upcoming elections during your time at university, and be able to benefit from other perk, such as food and drink discounts straight away!

Why should you vote?

I know we’ve all done it, but don’t vote for someone just because they hand you a cute sticker. Take the time to engage in the elections, read the manifestos that candidates have worked hard to write, and then decide if you’re interested in voting. You should vote if you’re interested in being involved in how your student experience is organised, as the people running in these elections help form decisions regarding the experience for the next year of your university career. If you’re graduating this year, and think that because you’re graduating you don’t need to vote as it won’t affect you then please instead take the time to consider how your vote, or lack thereof, will affect future students.

Happy elections!

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