Like when the hawk locks his claws around the rabbit,

Or when the lion licks the blood that stains his teeth,

Like when the calf sucks the milk of their loving mother,

Or when the butterfly dies to give their offspring life,


Like when the salmon swims across the ocean

Only to return to a familiar backwater;


Or when the birds sense the coolness in the air

And slot themselves into a perfect ‘V’,


Like when a child looks up to see

Their parents in their tragicomic vis-à-vis,

And thinks: one day, that will be me,


Or when you hold me closer to you

So I hear the timing of your breathing,

And when I feel the rising surge, and know you feel it too,

Both wild and natural, our instincts kicking in,

The world explaining: this love is for you.


[Liam Caldwell]

Image Credit: Aike Jansen 

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