Top 5: Ways to Shake Off the Winter Blues

Spring is here, but with the dreary weather and a lingering seasonal depression this might be hard to tell. But fear not, qmunicate is here to get you out of your winter blues and into a spring mood!

1. Flowers

Free option: Go outside, admire the glorious variety that nature has to offer and maybe take some pictures for rainy days. Flowers are the ultimate sign that winter is finally over and the world contains beautiful things. If you don’t feel like leaving the house, Google is your friend when looking for some flowery goodness (for a laugh, look up the naked man orchid).

Money option: If you are in the lucky situation of having some money in your wallet, you can bring the spring mood to your home by buying fresh flowers. These have the additional advantage of smelling nice. Or you can buy some pretty prints or photos of flowers to hang on your wall.

2. Music

Free option: Get into a happy mood by listening to music. You could make your own playlist or find one with all the songs that make you smile. For the ultimate positive feeling, make sure to sing and dance along however badly you like.

Money option: Get tickets to a concert for a band you like. This way you can sing and dance badly with other people! Or, if you are very wealthy, hire a band to play for you and your circle of high society friends.

3. Fashion

Free option: Put on an item of clothing that makes you feel good and gives you spring vibes. That could be something with a floral print, some bright colours or maybe the slightly less black top.

Money option: Treat yourself to some new clothes that let you feel the sun on your skin – or keep you dry while dreaming of better weather. Depending on your budget, you could choose an entire outfit, a single piece or just some springy accessories.

4. Friends

Free option: Meet up with your friends at home and do something you all enjoy. You could organise a potluck board game night, watch silly YouTube videos or take a walk through nature together. Spending time with loved ones will surely help with your mood.

Money option: Go out for drinks, a coffee, a movie or some other event that you like, or take a road trip together. New experiences are better with friends, and familiar activities will make you feel at home. So, whatever you do, it will (probably) make you smile.

5. Creativity

Free option: Get creative with things you already own. Maybe you like doodling on a scrap of paper, you enjoy writing or you would like to try some DIY. The internet and apps like Pinterest can help you get inspired and you can find many easy ideas to make the most of otherwise useless bits and bobs. And there are many helpful tutorials on how to do things as well.

Money option: Get yourself some craft supplies, whether that be wool and knitting needles or some origami paper. Again, the internet is your friend when it comes to inspiration. If you already have some skills, you can get started right away, or you could learn something new by taking a course.

Bonus tip: Spring cleaning can help you clearing out unnecessary junk. This can be helpful for your mood and will make you feel productive. Start with small things (like one corner of your room or your desk), then the task won’t be as intimidating.

[Christina Schröck]

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