Film Preview: Revolt She Said: ‘The Girls’ + Discussion

Sunday 6th May, 7pm, Glasgow Film Theatre

This month marks 50 years since May 1968 – a month of protests and social revolution. Club des Femmes, a London-based, queer and feminist collective, along with the Independent Cinema Office (ICO), have curated the ‘Revolt She Said’ season, turning the spotlight to women filmmakers following ’68, as they instigate further revolutions in ways of seeing, being, living and loving.

The season brings a screening of Zetterling’s The Girls to the GFT, a drama which reinvents Greek theatre for a revolutionary, feminist audience, as the spirit of ’68 reaches Sweden. This will be preceded by a screening of Hairpiece: A Film for Nappy Headed People.

Both screenings will be followed by a panel discussion led by Club des Femmes. Speakers will include Kathi Kamleitner and Lauren Clarke (Femspectives – Glasgow Feminist Film Festival), Margaret Salmon (artist filmmaker) and Samar Ziadat (curator and activist).

Tickets start at £7.50 for students and are available here.

[Amy Shimmin – @amylfc]

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