Film Review: The Breadwinner

25th May, Glasgow Film Theatre, Dir. Nora Twomey


This animated film brings to life the best-selling novel, The Breadwinner, written by Deborah Ellis. As a child, this novel was one of my favourite reads so I was particularly excited to see it adapted for the screen. The novel itself has an honesty and hopefulness to it that I was anxious to see portrayed on screen and this adaptation did not disappoint. Animating this novel really captured the childlike honesty of the book, allowing us to journey with Parvana through the eyes of a child. Similarly, the animation brought to life Parvana’s storytelling in a way that I only thought possible in the imagination of a child.

I was concerned that adapting this novel for the screen may alienate its younger readers, however the marriage between the seriousness of the story and the beauty and openness of the animation struck the perfect balance between fear and hope, making it still age-appropriate.

The score flowed perfectly with the animation style, it felt as though they moved together as one entity. Combined with the narrative, all elements took the viewer on a journey from start to finish, and regardless that I already knew the ending my heart still raced with Parvana’s.

Very rarely do I say that book-to-film adaptations were perfect as I’m a book-lover at heart, but this really was. The essence of the story was so beautifully captured in the film and I enjoyed every minute.

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[Chloe Tobin-Kemmer – @CTobinKemmer]


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