don’t fear the wind

allow it to move you

gently beyond

when you feel rooted



don’t fear the sun

watch bodies glow

under rays of gold

to turn off monotone


lie in your sweat

imagine it cleansing

when you feel impure



don’t fear the earth

dig your nails into mud

feel roots on your skin

to ground yourself


elicit an unborn seedling

plant in your mind

a reminder of rebirth


run through fields

remember your imprints

and their ephemerality



don’t fear the sea

let the waves embrace you

mimic them

when you hold loved ones


let your body float

remember the feeling

when you need to detach


watch a whirlpool from afar

learn the sublimity of chaos

when seen from a distance


create ripples with your hands

embody this motion

when you feel powerless


[Lorna Spada]

Image courtesy of Barbora Krušpánová.


The rest of the stories in qmunicreate #11 can be found here.

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