Freshers’ Information: Friday

And just like that, September is here again – the freshers are ready and the union even more so to deliver the best Freshers’ Week possible.

Are you a home student looking to meet some other home students? Come along to our Mixer this afternoon at 2pm in Scran to socialise and have a good time – you might even find a pal for the taxi home if you’re staying out late!

QMU is known for its quizzes and Friday night is Friday Union Quiz – known affectively as FUQ. Get along for all things pop culture and your chance to win prizes and the respect of everyone in the room.

If you’re the keenest and the first to arrive in your flat, don’t worry, as we’ve got you sorted! SNATCH is a combination of three of the best Glasgow club nights descending on the QMU – the infamous Pretty Ugly, Push It, and Milk will help you to boogie into the small hours. This event is open to all, not just freshers – you can pay on the door for entry.

All Freshers’ Week we will be fundraising for St Columba’s Hospice to support their work year round – look out for our charity teams who will be selling glitter and glow sticks in return for donations to support this vital service.

Keep an eye out for qmunicate’s Freshers’ Week coverage, including our zine going live on Monday!

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