Freshers’ Information: Sunday

It might be the last day of the weekend but freshers’ has barely started, and there’s still loads to get up to at the QMU!
Arriving today? Keep an eye out for Freshers’ Helpers at University of Glasgow halls to give you a hand hauling those big boxes up the stairs to your flat. We understand that absolutely everything you’ve packed is essential, from the cutlery that’ll disappear over the year, down to the pillow with your dog’s face printed on.
Just arrived and want to get to know what we do? We’ll be running tours of the building throughout the day between 11am and 4pm – look out for freshers’ helpers clad in red in the foyer of the building who’ll take you around and show you what’s what.

Want to know the campus and the West End generally a bit better? Head down for our Scavenger Hunt, setting off from Champions Bar at 1pm. Come in a team of friends or join a team on the day, and complete the tasks you’re set

Want to chill out a bit? We’ve got the event for that, too – we’ll be watching The Room, a movie described as ‘one of the worst films ever made’. Come and see for yourself in Jim’s Bar at 3pm – there’ll be popcorn available too, for that luxury cinema experience.

The QMU is famous for live music, and what better way to get to know the music scene better than Freshers’ Week? Come along to our Acoustic Sessions at 6pm in Jim’s to hear some of Glasgow’s freshest acoustic sounds.

Chips and cheese, gin and tonic, Murano and noise complaints – some things are infamous and inseparable. Cocktails and karaoke are, too – come along and try a cheeky mojito or a mocktail and sing your heart out on the Jim’s stage from 10pm – entry is free and for all students. We’ll see you there for a heartfelt rendition of Stronger by Britney Spears.

For us, we’ll be putting the final touches to the Freshers’ Zine – available at the QM and across campus from Monday! We’ll be the ones drinking three litres of coffee and wearing sunglasses indoors.

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