Weird Things People Have Brought to Halls

An often forgotten aspect of freshers’ week is moving into halls, and many freshers bring what seems like all their worldly possessions with them. Here at qmunicate we’ve rounded up the weirdest things people have brought to halls.

  1. A life-size Jeremy Corbyn cardboard cut-out.
  2. A huge projector, as it was ‘smaller than a television’.
  3. A full furniture set from Ikea, including a chest of drawers, a wardrobe, and a full length mirror. Despite the fact that halls are furnished.
  4. Turning up with a moving man, and only four boxes.
  5. People who bring huge suitcases of food, including bringing 60 eggs in because their dad is a farmer.
  6. A saucy black silk robe.
  7. Questionable bedding, including black sheets and Avengers sheets.
  8. Walkie talkies to talk to their other flatmates with.
  9. A blanket with their pet’s face on.
  10. A smoke machine and a snow machine, leading to a flat party being shut down.
  11. A trolley.
  12. A wooden rocking horse.
  13. A condom dispenser, bought off eBay, which was fully stocked and placed in the communal area. The person who brought it then collected the money from it.
  14. Walking from their room into the kitchen with a basket of eggs and saying, “they’re fresh”, so we presume they brought a chicken.
  15. An alarm clock which moos like a cow.

Let us know if you have any anecdotes of weird things people brought to halls!

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