Album Review: Lala Lala – The Lamb


Since playing Lala Lala’s debut album on repeat after its release in 2016, I have eagerly awaited the second album from Chicago-based Lillie West. While The Lamb is only 32 minutes long and made up of 12 tracks, there is no urgency in the songs, but rather an arrangement of tangled emotions pieced together by an oscillation of uncomplicated, sincere lyrics and hopeful melodies of synths and postpunk guitars. West has authentically crafted an album from a struggle with self-destruction, loss and discovery.

Tracks such as I Get Cut reveal a stark vulnerability, with the lyrics, ‘I get cut with every touch / You come by and soak it up’ that are sung on a backdrop of upbeat and catchy rhythms. Dove, however, being the most poignant song of the album, manifests itself in an air of loss and melancholy which resonates with West’s pensive and dreamy voice. The Lamb is a vehicle of reflection and an uncertain look to the future and in Scary Movie, she sings, ‘I swear I’m immortal / No one can prove it wrong’. This sums up the album as an admiral work of oppositions that intertwine introspection and exposure.


[Tabitha Tinkler-Ferguson]

[Image credit: Matthew James-Wilson]

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  1. Fantastic collection of words within the review. It evokes emotion and reflection

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