Mass Illusion

Thousands of years, wars

Another age with dominant laws

Life, forgotten letters cease the attar of words.


Symbols, tattooed on your eternal souls

Your memories, beholds wisdoms of all

Internal consciousness of collective thoughts.


Out of the pages of Amezruy*, foremost fake words

Lost fight and lost cause

Out of the pages of Tikerkast**… holy books, texts fake gods.


As we endure

Thousands of years, orders

Concealed and Immense.


Your State of fear, sycophancy your Prince

The masses are lost, the ambiguity with no common sense

Your only duty…

A sacred obedience from sacred illiteracy.

* Amezruy, which means in Amazigh/Berber language, “History”.

** Tikerkast,which means in Amazigh/Berber language, “Lies/fake words”.


[Mazigh Buzakhar]

Image courtesy of Barbora Krušpánová


The rest of the stories in qmunicreate #12 can be found here.

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