qmunicreate #12: Rebellion

qmunicreate is an anthology of creative writing, short stories and poetry, from students at the University of Glasgow. Our twelfth instalment relates to the theme of Rebellion.

To hating long distance, mental illness and bad metaphors‘, a poem by Imogen Hay.

Mass Illusion‘, a poem by Mazigh Buzakhar.

If I am the feather‘, a poem by Kirsty Campbell

Mens sana in corpore sano‘, a poem by Kevin Le Merle.

– What the principal of my elementary school meant in his report to my secondary school that I am a “trouble-maker”:‘, a piece by Petros Aronis.


Click here to listen to our accompanying Spotify playlist, ‘you can’t tie me down: songs to spark a rebellion’.

Image courtesy of Aike Jansen.


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