Album Review: KT Tunstall – Wax


KT Tunstall’s previous album KIN was an energetic comeback album that followed the more subdued Invisible Empire//Crescent Moon. Her new release, Wax is the continuation of this idea, but with more maturity. Wax is Tunstall’s sixth studio album, and is the second in her “soul, body and mind” trilogy. As the “body” entry of the trilogy, it feels down to earth and tactile, with crunchy guitars and lyrics exploring themes of physicality and our place in the world.

Wax showcases Tunstall’s talent for rhythmic guitar, and the album feels like a return to her earlier roots, whilst utilising the experimentation learnt from her (each very different) previous albums.  Lead single “The River” highlights this, combining a catchy chorus with a more mature production.

I have followed Tunstall’s career for over 10 years, since her debut in 2006, and over that time she has always been innovative and interesting, developing her sound in a multitude of different ways and styles.  Wax feels like the culmination of six albums, and is better for it. It feels intrinsically Tunstall, but also fresh and new.

[Jo Reid – @_jomreid]


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