Album Review: Little Mix – LM5


LM5 is the fifth studio album by Little Mix and celebrates women and female empowerment.  The opening lines of the album in ‘National Manthem’, ‘she is a bad bitch / made up of magic’, set the tone of the album as one of girl power. Other songs encourage teenage girls, the primary audience of the album, to love themselves as they are (‘Strip’), remind them of the difficulties of being a woman (‘Woman’s World’), and suggest the importance of self-growth, rather than reliance on a romantic relationship (‘The Cure’).

The band don’t shy away from the term ‘feminist’ either, as some celebrities are prone to do, instead crying ‘hell yeah I am’ when asked in ‘Joan of Arc’. The idea of female independence is one similarly channelled by earlier girl bands such as Destiny’s Child. This late ‘90s and early 00’s influence is most prevalent in ‘Love A Girl Right’, with it sampling Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’ it undermines ideas of the original song, choosing instead to empower its listeners.

A song that reaches deeper lyrically – ‘Told You So’, is a big, comforting hug when everything has gone wrong, feeling like the singers are your friends. The song emphasises the importance of platonic love and friendship over romantic love, something which is important for everyone to remember.

Whilst the band won’t win much for their lyrics, the album is certainly one to listen to as you dance around the kitchen. It’s a very fun album, and is there to help young girls feel empowered.

[Eleanor Fletcher – @eleanorlf_]

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