Live Review: The Jellyman’s Daughter

The Hug and Pint, 21/11/18   

After a string of dates touring around America, The Jellyman’s Daughter are back in the UK for their vinyl launch tour of their second album, Dead Reckoning. The duo, made up of Graham Coe and Emily Kelly, played to a warm crowd in The Hug and Pint, which was perfectly suited for the intimate atmosphere of the gig.   

The support act was duo Adrian+Meredith whom they met on tour whilst in America. Their lively guitar and fiddle playing was combined with strong political messages within their lyrics, and this set a joyful tone for the rest of the night.

The Jellyman’s Daughter’s set was made up of songs from both Dead Reckoning and their debut album, and effectively showed their song-writing skills and instrumental talent in cello, guitar and mandolin, with support from Jamie Francis on banjo and Paul Gilbody on double bass. Their slower, calmer songs highlighted the Scottish folk roots within their music. The faster, more energetic songs highlighted the duo’s American influences, most notably heard through the fiendishly difficult banjo solo in “The Shoogly Peg”. Like Adrian+Meredith, the duo didn’t shy away from political messages and statements, as they cheekily dedicated their song “Giving Up” to Theresa May. Their harmonies were captivating and even in softer places their vocals were always strong.

The Jellyman’s Daughter are a charming duo and are well worth seeing for an evening that combines the very best of Americana with Scottish music.

[Eilidh Reid]

[Image credit: Eilidh Reid]

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