Top 5 Ways To Dominate A Man

1.     Makeup: Men are easy to deceive and – like magpies – are attracted to shiny things. So, get out all the sparkly eyeshadow you can find and make him fall in love with you. Just bat your false eyelashes at him and he will do anything you want. I mean that’s what makeup was invented for, right? It has nothing to do with fun, expression, or what women like. It’s all about men.

2.     Dating without sex: Let him buy you drinks and food. He will believe you owe him sex now, but of course, you don’t owe him anything. He has to earn sex. And since men are obviously only controlled by their dicks, they will do anything just to get into your pants!

3.     The Friend-zone: Of course, dating can be exhausting, so it might be easier to drop a man in the friend-zone. You tell him you just like him as a friend, but it is common knowledge that men and women can’t be friends. He will still continue to prove to you that he is a ‘nicer’ guy than the asshole you are dating. However, after a while, he might become frustrated when you don’t just happen to fall in love with him.

4.     Become his boss: An army of qualified minions is every woman’s dream. And since all companies have politically correct agendas, they will just grab random women from the street and give them jobs. Surely, they won’t look at qualifications, they are just aiming for a certain quota of women. So, here’s your chance to rise to the top! Then you can lounge at your massive desk, reapply your red lipstick, and command all the men beneath you like the boss-ass bitch that you are.

5.     Marriage: We all know that marriage is the ultimate trap that a woman can lure a man into. It is not just another step in a loving relationship where both sides are happy to tie the knot. That is only a lie that fake media has installed in our heads. Marriage is the end of freedom for every single man. He now has to adhere to his nagging wife’s wishes, has to talk to her, spend time with her, and has to do all those horrible things she wants to do.

[Christina Schröck]

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