Song Review: Of Monsters and Men – Alligator


Four years after releasing their second album Beneath the Skin, Icelandic band Of Monsters and Men are back with their new single ‘Alligator’.

The song’s introduction is tense and builds anticipation, before familiarising us once again with the band’s empowering lyrics and impressive vocals. The accompanying lyric video shows striking vivid colours and textures mixing together, almost like the song itself. But what is really missing is a strong bridge or chorus to break up the song, which tends to blend together. The lack of a defining moment makes the whole song seem shorter and the ending a little abrupt and rushed, leaving a slight feeling of disappointment. Despite this, the new rock sound for the band is a refreshing departure from their renowned indie roots. The song doesn’t lose the familiar, uplifting feel of their previous songs, but the heavier use of electric guitar and drums adds a new distinctive grittiness to it.

‘Alligator’ shows that Of Monsters and Men are exploring and developing their sound, a vital move to stop themselves from sounding same-old and predictable, whilst also maintaining their key strength in producing rousing music that is distinctively ‘theirs’. ‘Alligator’ leaves you feeling curious about where the band will be heading next with their music, and after their long absence definitely leaves you wanting to hear more.

[ Eilidh Reid – she/her – @er.reid]

[Photo credit: Meredith Truax]

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