Top 5 Things to Avoid on a Plane

Inspired by a recent flight back from Berlin a few weeks ago, here are my top 5 things you should absolutely avoid doing whilst flying anywhere…

  1. Not Being Prepared at Security

Okay, so while it might not annoy everyone, people who wait until the very last minute to get their things out at security really bug me. I know, I know, I’m being really uptight and maybe even unfair, but when there are signs everywhere telling you to get out your little bag of liquids and your laptop they could maybe try to take at least some of it out while they wait in the endless queue.

     2. The Race to Get on the Plane

This one should have been taken out of the running with the allocation of assigned seats as standard on most airlines now. I’m old enough to remember when cheap plane tickets simply gave you a space on the plane, not a specific seat. This meant that the sprint to get on the plane made way more sense than it does now. It makes no sense at all to want to be first on when you already know where you are going to sit. So save yourself the stress of unnecessary waiting and relax!

    3. Getting Too Comfy

Planes are generally uncomfortable. There’s usually no space, the back of the seats make for a terrible sleeping position and it can get a bit claustrophobic. It makes sense that you want to do anything to make this situation more bearable. This being said, there’s getting comfortable, and then there’s just being inconsiderate. On my flight back from Berlin, I endured the entire flight with the man next to me wearing no shoes or socks. Taking off your shoes isn’t too bad, but socks? Really? So, as a general rule, be comfy but be courteous too. Remember what we were told at school: treat others like you would like to be treated. 

    4. Get Drunk

Most of us will have had the classic start of the holiday pre-flight drink in the airport bar at 9am. It’s a nice treat to get yourself in the holiday spirit, and generally this practice doesn’t harm anyone. However, there is nothing worse than sitting next to someone on a plane for hours who has clearly had enough and needs to stop. If you have ever been drunk, chances are you have thought yourself to be the most hilarious and fun-loving person in the world at the time. Don’t be this person on a plane. It’s bad enough having to deal with that person when you are very much sober, let alone having to deal with them in the confines of a plane cabin where there is no chance of escaping.

    5. Being Late!

I am guilty of this. I have had a few flights where I have been cutting it fine for getting boarded on the plane. Thankfully, other factors have played their part in delaying the start of boarding so I have never (*touch wood*) missed a flight or had to have my name called out on the tannoy of shame. This being said, make sure that you know what time you should expect the gate to be announced and when it closes. This will save you so much stress and misery in the long term. It also means that your fellow travellers will not be delayed, and therefore have no reason to resent you for the duration of your journey.

[Rachel Gillett – she/her] 

[Photo credit: Jason Pratt/]

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