Keep Fresh: Staying Organised at Uni

First year can be stressful and confusing: trying to find your feet in a new city as well as navigating both your new academic and social life is a big challenge for anyone. But do not fear, qmunicate is here to help you stay organised this coming year!

Whether it be an academic planner, a bullet journal, or a just your phone calendar, it will become your best friend when it comes to staying organised. Every time you plan a coffee or a pint with a pal, make a note of it; you won’t forget or double book yourself, and it will make your life so much easier. If you prefer to use your phone, you can even sync your university timetable to your phone calendar so you always have it to hand.

You should also definitely try to get into the habit of checking your timetable every day; the last thing you want is to turn up to a cancelled lecture or go to the wrong room because of a last minute change, so listen to qmunicate and you’ll never have to make the dreaded run of shame across campus again!

Another great way to stay organised is by having a specific bag for uni and always keeping it packed with the essentials: pens, paper, a water bottle, a reusable bag, and anything else you think you might need. Sometimes life is just be a bit busy, and sometimes the five too many jager bombs consumed last night makes packing for class at 9am an almost impossibility, so keeping a specific bag pre-packed really can make your mornings that little bit easier.

Glasgow is certainly no stranger to a good night out, and I’m sure your first year of university will be filled with plenty. However, it is absolutely imperative that before you head out for the night you always know: the location of the venue that you’ll be attending, what your route home will be, and the number of a taxi service just in case you get stranded. This advice comes straight from a girl who once found herself stranded in the mountains after a night out with no water, no phone signal and no money, so please please learn from her mistakes.

Another great top tip is to have a set night time routine that you follow no matter how big or small of a night you’ve just had. Whether that’s a face wash or a teeth clean or simply a glass of water, a personalised night time routine is the perfect way to make your new flat feel like home in the most organised way.

Lastly, but certainly not least, it’s important to always stay organised on your weekly food shop. When you’re perusing through your local supermarket, always make sure you have written a list before hand and never shop when you’re hungry. It’s also always good to have some back-up food stored in the kitchen cupboards that are quick and easy to make, like pasta or the student classic: beans on toast.

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