Freshers’ Information: Sunday

I don’t know about you, but I’m partied out from last night! The weekend might be coming to a close, but don’t worry as we still have plenty more for you.

Want to find out more about the union specifically? Our welcome to the union tours are running again, just find a Freshers’ Helper in a red t-shirt in Reception.
If you’ve only just moved in today, and are brand new to the city, then the Get To Know Glasgow Quiz is for you; bring your new flatmates and head on down to Bar at 2pm to learn about the city. To help you get to know the West End first hand, we’re hosting an interactive Where’s Wally? scavenger hunt. Meet at Games at 1pm for the chance to follow clues and complete tasks to hunt down our Wally helpers; before long you’ll know the campus and surrounding areas like the back of your hand!
For a relaxed evening, head to Bar from 6pm for a night of free, local music at our acoustic sessions. Performers include Stuart Neil (The Hoojamamas), Sean McGarvey (static union), Riley Music, and Mya Brown. The QMU is known for its live music, so this event is a cracking introduction to it.
Cocktails and karaoke are a tried and tested pairing, and this free event following the acoustic sessions is open to all and makes the perfect end to an already unforgettable weekend. It’s also a fantastic time to get some practice in for our Massaoke: Queen vs ABBA event on Tuesday!
We hope to see you on Monday, when Freshers’ Week truly begins. Don’t forget to pick up our Freshers’ zine in the coming week! It will be available from tomorrow.

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